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things i am bad at: spelling, being tall, not biting my nails.

things i am good at: winking, finding the perfect lemon/honey/tea ratio, wearing sweats

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Wait. You aren’t taking Social Movements with Debbie Gould, are you?

I am! Were you in it last year with the occupation?

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Lil things.

wow it’s been a really good day for me check it out if you’re interested: 

-If you’re friends with me on Facebook you know my bus driver was playing Smash Mouth. That’s the making of a great day in itself, I could just end the list here tbh, but I’m not going to. 

-Joined a group for my quarter long project cause it had a dude I’d been staring at all of last quarter in it and I didn’t really have an affinity for any of the topics that were chosen (aka I’m still in the 7th grade w/e). As it turns out having an attractive guy in the group is great for me past mere aesthetics. Because my natural instinct is to try to get him to mate with me (jk calm down), I hope to impress him with my intelligence aka I am actually doing work ahead of schedule AND looking forward to meeting with the group (which in the end is much more important than if I get to make out with him (which is also v. important(it’s my last quarter give me a break))) and also ended up being a randomly good choice because we ended up refining our topic to something really cool instead of just eh. 

-Got the last word in a class discussion and a lot of people’s hands shot up after so they either disagreed or agreed with me but it doesn’t really matter which because that entire class discussion was awesome/the way I always pictured college/why am I graduating?!?! WHICH LEADS ME TO:

-My Social Movements class is so cool esp. because we’re doing a collaboration with the art department doing some super creative shit none of us understand yet and I’m really excited because I quickly realized that there was no way I would ever get into an art class without it as my major here. Today I got paired with four other awesome women with really diverse backgrounds and we discussed organizations we had been a part of and it was one of the very few times that “break up into small groups and discuss” didn’t feel forced AT ALL, due in large part to the guidance of the people leading the activity (A+ teachers/collaborators). They were all so passionate and beautiful :,) 

-It was really fucking beautiful out today. 

-Totally failed at texting and walking and did that thing where I almost rolled my ankle/stumbled a bit. When I looked up, no one was around except for two guys walking toward me who clearly saw (and heard me yelp in shock). When they did not do the thing where you pardon someones socially embarrassing situation by making eye contact and giving the lil “whoops it happens” smile, I almost panicked because out of neccesity I have perfected my “haha yeah whoops I’m a dunce face.” INSTEAD of panicking however, I straight up went for a wink + finger gun + a “SUP” w/ head nod and they hella laughed and I think it was WITH me but I don’t really care either way! 

-MORE but this is too long and I gotta finish out the rest of this beautiful day. 

Yo bless the universe for sending me two ladies who wanted to keep living with me for four years straight despite the fact that I’m absolutely a snooze for at least an hour (but up to three) every morning kind of person. I deserve nothing.


This was great.




I always either have no lighters at all or I have 16 at the bottom of my purse

Tell us more about how cool you are for smoking weed

I love people who hate follow me, they’re always 20 years old

I’m cool because I smoke cigarettes, get it together.




its that time of the year again when the school sends out mass “please do not take baby deer from the forest and attempt to raise them as your own” emails


its exactly what it sounds like

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